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K&L Wine Merchants is pleased to be working with the team at InsureMyWine to provide access to industry leading insurance solutions to ensure your liquid assets are protected.

Did you know...

Most homeowners insurance policies do not extend coverage to wine stored outside the residence

While we always recommend that clients check with their agent to see if their wine is covered, we have heard for years that most homeowners insurance policies do not extend coverage to wine stored outside the residence. According to Forbes.com, less than 10% of wine collections are insured. 

The team at InsureMyWine has been working with Chubb providing feedback on what the ‘ideal’ policy would look like: low coverage tiers, low deductibles, coverage for wine in transit, coverage for mechanical breakdowns, storms and other weather-related issues.

All of these things are extremely important but the price has to be right. In 2022, InsureMyWine and Chubb started to collaborate on a new enrollment process that allows you to enter a few key details in a straightforward questionnaire that takes just minutes to complete all at extremely competitive pricing. In cases where Chubb's offering won't work, the InsureMyWine team has partnered with other providers. So rest assured, they have a wine insurance solution to meet your needs.

With the ease of applying for a Chubb policy we wanted to cover a few major highlights that we find important: 

  • Coverage amounts starting as low $20,000 with no upper limit 
  • Industry minimums are closer to $75,000 but InsureMyWine worked with Chubb to design a program that meets the needs of more collections and provides room for you to expand the coverage as your collection grows.
  • Coverage for wine you have anywhere 
  • This could be at K&L wine storage locations, multiple homes or anywhere you store your collection at an off-site storage facility around the country.
  • Coverage for wine in transit
  • This includes wines in transit from K&L, wineries or when consolidating a larger portion of your cellar you are automatically covered.
  • Low Deductible
  • Comprehensive AND affordable? You bet.
  • Coverage against mechanical breakdowns, tornadoes, theft, breakage & flood 
  • A truly exceptional policy that covers wine stored both at home AND at an off-site storage facility.

Inventory is a key requirement for all carriers to understand the composition of the cellar. You will be asked if you have an inventory of your collection. If you do,  then that's great! If not, reach out to the K&L team and they can help get you started. 

It is also important that the address you use when requesting your quote is consistent throughout. Please use your home address. This will ensure your collection is properly covered, wherever it may be. 

The insurance products described on the InsureMyWine platform are offered by Acacia Insurance Inc (CA License #0K774000). Insurance is underwritten by and may be provided by ACE American Insurance Company.