Program Benefits

Exclusive features and benefits for Wine Services Alliance Members

Preferred Pricing

The Wine Services Alliance member program is pre-underwritten for partner locations, making preferred pricing available to members.

Simple administration

With blanket coverage insure an entire collection under one limit. Itemized coverage is also available for more unique collections.

Broad coverage

Coverage is “All-risk,” including coverage for loss from power outage, mechanical breakdown, fire and theft breakage, earthquake and flood.

Low Deductible

Standard policy deductibles range from $0-$250 for most losses. Environmental losses may be subject to deductibles ranging from $0 to 10%.

The program

Unique program benefits including a dedicated underwriting team
Exclusive for Wine Services Alliance members

Fine art, jewelry collections, antiques, cars and homes all enjoy tailored insurance policies hedging a wide variety of risks. Wine collections, on the other hand, are rarely insured.

All too often, the assumption is that wine is automatically covered by home insurance. And all too often, it is not. Most insurance policies are not designed to accommodate the risks or loss settlement challenges a wine collection presents.

The Ellis Insurance and Wine Services Alliance partnership brings a tailored insurance program for fine wines and collectible liquors to clients. Not a member? Contact us.

  • Exceptional service
  • Intelligent insurance
  • creative solutions
  • Tailored protection

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About Us

The world’s oldest wine cellar dates back to 1700 BC. Wine storage has come a long way since then and, with it, so has insurance for collections of wine. The Wine Services Alliance is a consortium representing some of the finest wine storage facilities in North America. Through a partnership with Ellis Insurance, an independent risk management firm with a passion for exceptional service and intelligent insurance,’s tailored wine insurance program was born.

The insurance available through is designed for personal collections stored at Wine Services Alliance’ facilities, as well as those portions of the collections stored in private cellars and homes.